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RND Clients

RND Clients (Resident Non-Domiciled (RND) Clients)

Moving with the Times, Zurich Private Capital has a dedicated team specifically for RND clients. Busy by nature, RND often have sophisticated investment necessities. Our professional highly qualified and industry-recognised Asset Managers have a clear cut understanding of the advantages available to RNDs.

Focused Optimal Solutions: Advisory and discretionary portfolios tailored to the needs of RND's.
Our wealth planning strategists clearly identify and implement solutions in close coordination with your advisers. This balance of knowledge at your disposal, enables you to be poised that the decisions we make are based on the very latest market information and take into account your needs as an RND investor. (Zurich Private Capital do not provide tax or legal advice).

Bespoke investment: We are dedicated to ensuring that your wealth is structured appropriately and managed in a way which meets your financial objectives now and over the long term. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Advisory and discretionary portfolios tailored to the needs of RND's.
  • Succession planning and inheritance.
  • Cross-border planning.
  • Specialised trust structures.

Busy life of RND Clients

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