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Key Management

Team - Experience and Dedication

Zurich Private Capital was founded by a key management team of offshore investment and legal specialists seeking to fulfill the distinct needs of savers RND Clients and  offshore investors. Our personnel hail from Europe, the U.S, offshore finance industries, Fortune 500 companies, and leading international law firms, all seasoned professionals with a proven track record. The result is a one-of-a-kind platform capable of supporting a diverse set of needs for a discerning group of speciality clientele.

Key Management  Team:

Group Executive Director & CEO: Chitangud Ramchurn

Martin Josefsson - Chairman
Joseph Latner - Zurich CFO
Pascall Schilling - Corporate Management
Matthew Welsh - Head of Investment Management
- “Matthew is responsible for asset allocation, investment strategy and execution of all funds-of-funds and investment programs managed by Zurich Private Capital. He may be found on LinkedIn, Quora, Tumblr and Pinterest
Aswath Damodaran - Portfolio Development
David Hutton - Foreign Advisor
Antonio Fragassi - Investment Law & Asset Ownership

Client Liaison Team

We boast a medium to large entity corporation. This enables us to fully propel the development of our employees, a winning ability to drive a first class international finance brokerage.

Since 1988, Zurich Private Capital and their predecessor firms have developed a  reputation for excellence in private equity investing, backing industry-leading  venture, buyout and other private equity funds within fully discretionary  funds-of-funds products. Over the past two decades, we have committed over £920 million in capital to more than 330 private equity partnerships and have gained  extensive experience with a diverse group of underlying managers.

Zurich Private Capital – Making your money work for you.

The best time to start your money growing is now. If you are looking to improve your current savings ISA or investments to achieve secure and increased growth, let us show you. Leaders in Asset Management in over 5 countries we understand how to grow and secure capital beyond market conditions. Our experienced IFA's and Fund Managers are here to help you. Start your journey.