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Smart Investing

Investing with Zurich - The right way

Investing with Zurich is simple. We maintain a simplified procedure so basic investors to seasoned financier can make smooth capital investments. With a variety of  levels to begin with,  you can have confidence delegating your investment decisions to an experienced  professional based on your requirements.

With a consultative approach you gain the advantage of our assistance and guidance making it easy to go ahead. Whichever product you decide to go with, you will receive the full benefit of our knowledge and expertise as together we grow your portfolio.


                Step by Step Instructions

Investing with Zurich

1. Decide on the initial level you feel comfortable to invest.

2. Discuss with us your needs and type of investment option best suited to you.

3. Verified by compliance, complete documentation and return via email or post with transfer.

4. After completion and funds transferred, your manager will guide you hand by hand as your capital begins to increase keeping you abreast of growth and any changes.

5. Sit back, relax, the hard work has been done.


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